New Release「STAR PLAYER」
Music Videoも公開!

7月7日(水) リリースのメジャーデビュールバム『Castle in Madness』からの先行リード曲「STAR PLAYER」が本日より配信開始!ミュージックビデオも公開!

4s4ki – STAR PLAYER (配信リンク)

「STAR PLAYER」は、サウンドプロデュースにKOTONOHOUSEを迎えて作られた楽曲。

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The first lead song “STAR PLAYER” from their major label debut album “Castle in Madness”, which will be released on July 7 (Wed.), is now available for download! The music video is also now available!

The song “STAR PLAYER” was produced by KOTONOHOUSE.
The song is a future pop song that affirms the “various differences” that each person has, such as gender, race, circumstances, and past. Everyone can become a star player at some point, and I hope you will listen to the lyrics of this powerful song about how there should be such a place for everyone.