New Release「ALICE feat. Smrtdeath」

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4s4ki〝 ALICE feat. Smrtdeath 〟Release!

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アメリカ・ロサンゼルスで活動するアーティスト“ Smrtdeath ”を客演に迎えたオルタナティブ・ポップス。

ソングプロデューサーとして、Smrtdeathの楽曲でトラックメイカーを担う、アメリカのサウンドプロデューサー Jakkyboi、Co-ProducerとしてCurtainsを起用。

配信リリースに際して、44秒だけ楽曲を試聴することのできる試聴動画“44 seconds”が公式YouTubeチャンネルで公開。

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 This is an alternative pop song with a guest performance by “Smrtdeath”, an artist active in Los Angeles, USA.
 The song was produced by Jakkyboi, an American sound producer who is also the track maker for Smrtdeath’s songs, and Curtains as a co-producer.
 4s4ki and Smrtdeath’s verse unfolds on a track with an impactful guitar riff and bass-heavy kick.
 4s4ki’s lyricism and vocals, inspired by the famous novel “Alice in Wonderland”, are written on the theme of a protagonist who wanders into a mysterious land called home, while Smrtdeath’s ennui and wet rap intertwines to create a mysterious world view.