作詞・作曲・編曲はもちろん、DTMでのトラックメイク、ピアノでの弾き語りなど全てを一人でこなす能力を持ちながら、 様々なミュージシャンやクリエイターたちとも縦横無尽にコラボレーションすることで、既存のジャンルに囚われない新たな音楽的価値観を生み出している。
苦悩、悲しみ、喜びを時に生々しくもリアリティのある言葉で紡ぐ“自己愛の記録”とも言うべき歌詞が、10〜20代を中心に共感を呼んでいる。海外からの注目度も高く、スト リーミングサービスでは海外公式プレイリストにも選曲されている。

2021年4月にビクター/スピードスターレコーズからのメジャーデビュー。 海外から客演を迎えたデビューシングルを4月から3ヶ月連続で配信リリースし、同年7月にはデビューアルバム『Castle in Madness』をリリース。
同年8月には日本最大級の野外フェス「FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL’21」への出演を果たし、12月にはEPリリースと共に初の東名阪ツアー“HYPER NEW-PUNK LAND”を開催し各地 チケット即完。
2022年8月にはアルバム『Killer in Neverland』をリリースし、作品を携えZepp DiverCity公演を含む自身最大規模の全国ツアーを開催。
さらには同年12月には国内最大の年末フェス「COUNTDOWN JAPAN 22/23」への出演を果たす。
また、世界最大の音楽メディア“Pitchfork media”でアルバムが評価されてインタビュー特集展開が組まれ、同サイトの年末企画「The 100 Best Songs of 2022」に 「Punish」がランクイン。
2023年6月にはアニメ「コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ」のインスパイアド・アルバム『CODE GE4SS』をリリース。
同年9月には世界的に大人気のスマホゲームアプリ『モンスターハンターNow』の新CMにてTRFの名曲「survival dAnce」をYaffleとリアレンジし楽曲参加&出演を果たす。



“4s4ki (pronounced ASAKI)”
A new generation of artists who are bringing new alternative pop music from Tokyo to the world.
She is capable of writing lyrics, composing, and arranging music, as well as making tracks on DTM and playing the piano, all on her own, By collaborating with various musicians and creators in all directions, she creates new musical values that are not bound by existing genres.
The lyrics, which can be described as a “record of self-love,” weave together anguish, sadness, and joy in words that are sometimes raw and realistic, and have gained sympathy mainly from people in their teens and twenties.
The song has attracted a great deal of attention from overseas, and has been selected for the official playlists of streaming services overseas.

In April 2021, she made her major label debut with Victor/Speedstar Records. Her debut single with guest artists from abroad was released for distribution for three consecutive months starting in April, and her debut album “Castle in Madness” was released in July of the same year.
In August of the same year, they performed at one of Japan’s largest outdoor festivals, “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL’21,” and in December, along with the release of their EP, they held their first “HYPER NEW-PUNK LAND” tour in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and other locations. Tickets sold out immediately.
In August 2022, they released the album “Killer in Neverland” and held their biggest national tour with the album, including a performance at Zepp DiverCity. In December of the same year, they will perform at Japan’s largest year-end festival, “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 22/23”.
Pitchfork media, the world’s largest music media outlet, featured the album in a special interview, and “Punish” was ranked among “The 100 Best Songs of 2022,” a year-end project of Pitchfork media.
In June 2023, they released “CODE GE4SS,” an album inspired by the anime “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”.
In September of the same year, she and Yaffle rearranged TRF’s famous song “survival dAnce” for the new commercial for the globally popular smartphone game app “Monster Hunter Now” and performed in the song.

She is one of the hottest female artists in the world, crossing genres and performing all over the world.